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Joint Application Development (JAD)

Development involving the client or end user.  There are a series of workshops where the end users are involved.  This was invented in the 70's by IBM employees.  It's goal is faster development times, and greater client satisfaction.

Rapid Application Development (RAD)

Involving closer work with the end users than traditional development methods.  Focus' on client workshops to gather requirements, prototyping of system, re-using software components, rigid schedule deferring design improvements that are not part of functional requirement until future development phase, less formal team communications.

Waterfall Method

Waterfall Method is a version of Systems Lifecycle.  The waterfall method is usually associated with structured programming and analysis.  The advantages of using this method is that each phase proceeds in a strict order, therefore it may be considered easier to manage, as each phase is closed and never repeated.  This disadvantage is that there is little room for revision, once an application is in testing stage, fixes and changes are harder to make.

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